FTA Files
NEW FTA Files, FTA Keys and FTA Instructions by FTA Files Professionals. Get your Fta Receiver up and running Today!!!

YouTubeFTA receivers work on the premise that the user will load a FTA file into the FTA receiver in order to enjoy FTA television broadcasts. The FTA user will need to connect his/her FTA receiver to his/her computer using a null modem cable. Then he/she will transfer the FTA files from the computer on to the FTA receiver and in less than a few minutes the receiver will be set up. Users may also use a USB storage device to transfer the files from the computer to the USB and then connect the USB storage device to the receiver to upload updates and watch TV in even less time because the receiver will never have to be disconnected from the television set. Transferring files from the computer to the receiver is simple and quick. For those of us who may be unsure of the process, we have provided easy to follow, step by step instructions with labelled diagrams and video tutorials to lead you through the set up process.

You will have instant access to FTA Files and FTA keys that have been tested to ensure efficient downloads. Our instructions will guide users through the set up of the receiver to ensure that careless errors are not made that may in turn burn the receiver, (if the wrong files are loaded into a receiver they may render the receiver useless). Our main focus is to lead our customers through the set up process and make it as easy as possible. If for some reason a user may not understand what to do next or is experiencing issues when trying to set up or update his/her receiver, we provide 24 hour a day, 7 day a week customer assistance to help our customers. We provide honest answers and simple trouble shooting techniques to help users quickly set up and update their receivers so that they can spend less time hooking up their FTA receiver, and more time watching free TV.

FTA Satellite Forum provides efficient services so that our members can spend less time figuring out how to load FTA files into their FTA receivers, and they can spend more time watching their favorite television broadcasts.

To make the set up and FTA files update process as simple as possible we have:
  • easy to follow, step by step set up and FTA files update instructions
  • picture instructions with captions and labels to help our first time users
  • video tutorials that show the process from beginning to end
  • professional and friendly staff to answer your questions
  • 24 hour a day, 7 day a week support
  • easy access to the FTA files for your specific FTA receiver
  • fast downloads of FTA files and new updates
  • e-mail notification of new updates as they are being posted(optional)
  • private secure server located in Panama