Conaxsat FTA Receiver Support.
We currently support the following Conaxsat receivers:

  • Conaxsat Duo FTA Receivers
  • Conaxsat Trio FTA Receivers
  • Conaxsat Mini FTA Receivers
  • Conaxsat Nano FTA Receivers
  • Conaxsat Nano 2 FTA Receivers
  • Conaxsat Nano Premium FTA Receivers
  • Conaxsat Carbon HD FTA Receivers

We will help you to learn anything you need about your Conaxsat FTA Receiver.

CNX was a pioneer to introduce the first user-friendly Personal Video Recorder (PVR) using USB 2.0 external storage devices. There were digital satellite receivers with similar functionality, but without a strong computer knowledge, it was very challenging to use that featured receiver. Throughout the uncountable number of testing and development, CNX was able to develop a true user-friendly PVR digital satellite receiver.

Personal Video Recorder (via USB 2.0)

These are what you need to record your favorite free to air satellite channel. *One CNX Brand receiver and FAT/FAT32 formatted USB 2.0 external hard disk drive. Connect your USB 2.0 hard drive to USB 2.0 port on the receiver, then simply press record button on remote control to start recording. There are also other recording options available. Please refer to User’s Manual or just get one of CNX receivers to find out. *Your digital satellite receiver (any brand of satellite receivers) must be properly connected to the satellite dish equipment with channels scanned.

Conaxsat Home Streaming Network
CNX – Nano2

Home Streaming Network is another ambitious feature crafted by CNX. Free to Air Digital Satellite receiver advanced to next level of set top box. The old technology was using external hard disk drive to save your movie file to connect to a receiver to watch it on your TV. However, new CNX Nano2 with Home Streaming Network you do not need an external hard drive to watch downloaded movie files. Just convert all of your downloaded movie files to MPEG file in your computer and watch them on your TV by connecting Nano2 directly to your router.