CaptiveWorks FTA Receivers Support
We currently support the following CaptiveWorks receivers:

  • CaptiveWorks 600 FTA Receivers
  • CaptiveWorks Premium FTA Receivers
  • CaptiveWorks 650 FTA Receivers
  • CaptiveWorks 700 FTA Receivers
  • CaptiveWorks 800 FTA Receivers
  • CaptiveWorks 3000 FTA Receivers
  • CaptiveWorks 4000 FTA Receivers
  • CaptiveWorks Ultima FTA Receivers

We will help you to learn anything you need about your CaptiveWorks FTA Receiver.

CaptiveWorks Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes a range of high end Digital Video Broadcasting Receivers.
The company launched its first receiver for the US and Canadian markets in December of 2005. Based on initial reviews, the CW-600S is making a strong impact on the Free To Air Satellite Receiver market.

The CW-600S and CW-600S Premium FTA Receivers are the first in a line up of unparallel receivers introduced to the US and Canadian markets.

CaptiveWorks introduces the CW-4000HD, its latest High Definition Multimedia Platform. It is a feature packed Linux based FTA and ATSC Home Entertainment Platform with IP-TV, P2P-TV, web (Firefox) and DVR functionality.