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Viewsat Weather Forecaster

Viewsat members wondered what the new WF files for Viewsat are for so here is a little info about Viewsat Weather Forecaster.

While the Viewsat V-Link has been rumored to be coming for many months, it is the Viewsat Weather Forecaster that has first shipped any units into the market. Some are confused by the two rumored devices. We have tested the Weather Forecaster with the V-Link loader and were unable to get the weather forecaster and V-Link loader to communicate, signaling in fact that they have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

The “Viewsat Weather Forecaster” as it is called is a serial to ethernet adapter that comes with its own 5 Volt power adapter and RS-232 cable. If you think it looks a bit familiar you are correct. At first glance you may think this dongle resembles the Sonicview iHub, but you would be wrong. In fact the Viewsat Weather Forecaster is an IX-X00 Dongle, that’s right, just like what is currently used for the CNX Nano 1, Mini, Duo and Trio!

While it remains to be seen what server the Viewsat Weather Forecaster solution will run on, many might be of the opinion that this will run on the same servers supporting the CNX, I-Link, Satzen and Topsat FTA receivers. Of course, this will all be known in time, should the files which are expected to be released this week get in the hands of those testers who have taken the premature leap in acquiring this new device.

As we have suggested in the past you should probably wait until the solution is tested and confirmed working before making any purchases.

Some are wondering since the Viewsat Weather Forecaster is currently selling for $109 USD if they could instead just get the CNX IX-X00 dongle.

Well the Viewsat Weather Forecaster has a serial number on it, just like the Sonicview iHub. I would think that this is not just for show. It is most likely going to be required to receive service on your Viewsats. So at this time I can not suggest anyone attempt to bypass the requirement by obtaining the CNX variation rather than the VS branded device.

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