FTA Satellite
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Why pay for cable, when you can enjoy Free To Air television broadcasting for FREE?

FTA files, FTA receivers, and FTA support; exclusive access to all receiver makes and models at the simple click of a button. Free To Air broadcasting allows your family to view hundreds to thousands of Free to Air channels all for FREE. There are no set up or connection fees, no monthly fees, just FREE TV.

Tired of overpaying for cable each month while your family complains that there is nothing to watch?

YouTubeIn less than 5 minutes you can program your FTA receiver to receive hundreds of FREE channels from the comfort of your own home. Simply follow the easy to use instructions to program your FTA receiver with FTA files to receive hundreds of channels for FREE. You and your family will have a variety of programs to choose from, all while you save money. Why pay for cable when you can have Free To Air?

Imagine watching Free To Air, or FTA broadcasting such as: news, sports, cartoons, movies, adult entertainment and all of your favorite TV shows, reality shows and series all for FREE. Free to Air broadcasting streams hundreds of free channels into your receiver so that you can enjoy a variety of television broadcasts, and your family will never complain about having nothing to watch again!

FTA satellite receivers are manufactured in many different models to suit each individual’s budget and performance requirements. You can purchase satellite receivers that update themselves, or pvr receivers that can record one show while you watch something else, or high definition receivers that allow you to watch free HD broadcasting. Choosing a satellite receiver depends on an individual’s preferences and budget. We have instructions and files for Sonicview, Viewsat, Conaxsat, Limesat, i-Link, Coolsat, Pansat, Captiveworks, Nfusion and many more FTA satellite receivers available.

If you are thinking of becoming a FTA satellite user, or you are looking for instant access to FTA files, and FTA support, you have come to the right place!

Once you have purchased a FTA receiver and satellite dish, you will need to download FTA files into the FTA receiver in order to receive the FTA broadcasting signal. FTA files work on the premise that the user will load a FTA file into the FTA receiver in order to enjoy FTA  satellite television broadcasting. We will provide set up and FTA file installation instructions, picture and video tutorials, instant access to files, fast downloads, and 24 hour a day, 7 days a week support so that you can have your FTA satellite receiver up and running all from the comfort of your own home.

FTA Files

We provide our customers with safe FTA files, and FTA keys that have been tested so that our customers do not have to worry about making careless errors that may in turn burn their FTA satellite receivers. Our main focus is to provide our customers with easy to follow instructions that are broken down into simple steps that even first time FTA receiver users can easily follow. We guide our customers through the processes of FTA satellite receiver set up and FTA files updates as they are needed. FTA Satellite TV provides customers with honest answers and simple solutions to help them quickly and easily set up, and update their FTA receivers.

Our Pledge

We do not make claims or promises that we cannot keep in order to entice you into monthly payment plans, as many other FTA files providers do. Our members pay a one time membership fee, and have unlimited lifetime access to our FTA files forum.

Lifetime Access

With an unlimited lifetime access our members never have to worry about their receiver going down again, because they know that they will always have access to the new FTA files and updates without having to pay for them.